Expert Physical Therapy
Let the Experts guide You to Functional Freedom!
Let the Experts Help
Providing Physical Therapy to those in need
It is our goal to be of service and provide physical rehabilitation to Denver Metro individuals in need with pain and functional limitations.  

Taking Colorado Medicaid and CHP Plus!
Explore what the Experts can do for you!

Now offering Spinal Decompression!!!
Car accident?  Back and neck pain?  Recent surgery?  Chronic aches, pains and strains?
We can help . . . 
  1. Manual Therapy
    Skilled, hands-on techniques to treat soft tissues and joint structures to help decrease pain, increase range of motion (ROM), reduce soft tissue inflammation, and induce relaxation to improve function
  2. Modalities
    Spinal Decompression, Moist heat, Ultrasound, Electrical Stimulation, Cupping, Cryotherapy and other methods to help relieve pain and assist to improve mobility
  3. Theraputic Exercise
    Enjoy our gym to get the specific exercises you need for your individual condition
  4. Functional Training
    Skilled movements used to correct postural imbalances and restore physical limitations to new, improved standards

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